Idaho Accident Prevention

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Sign up today for our Idaho Accident Prevention course to help gain additional knowledge and techniques to become a safer driver! Even though many Americans rely heavily on driving to get around, no one is guaranteed the right to drive or a driver’s license. This means that it is up to the driver to keep up to date on the laws of the roadways and know when these laws change. If you do not follow the law, the state in which you are driving has the right to take away your license and prosecute you in whatever legal way they can.  Because of this, it is important that every time you are behind the wheel, you are taking your privilege seriously. Just because you receive an Idaho driver’s license, does not mean that you will always keep your license. You must prove, every time you are behind the wheel, that you can obey the laws of the roadway.

The information presented in this course is designed to refresh and improve your driving skills. Pay careful attention to each topic. Understanding and following the principles of safe driving will allow you do remain behind the wheel of your vehicle.

There are 10 total modules in this curriculum:

  • Module 1: Basic Safe Driving Information
  • Module 2: Defensive Driving Principles
  • Module 3: Driving Laws
  • Module 4: Right of Way Concepts
  • Module 5: Driving Maneuvers
  • Module 6:Physical Factors that can Affect Driving
  • Module 7: Sharing the Roadway
  • Module 8: State of Mind and Driving
  • Module 9: Distractions and Driving
  • Module 10: Drugs and Alcohol