Instructor Preparation 3 Grand Rapids

1800 Tremont Blvd NW Grand Rapids, MI 49505 map of location

This is the third course in a four course program to become a certified driver education instructor in the state of Michigan.
NOTE: You do not have to take course one or two with All Star Driver Education to take course three with us.

Driver Education Instructor Preparation will certify you to become a Drivers Ed teacher in the State of Michigan. This is course one of four.

Course One is offered on Fridays and Saturdays.


Driver Ed 1/ Task Analysis.
Driver Ed 2/ Classroom Instruction.
Driver Ed 3/ Vehicle Operational Skills.
Driver Ed 4/ Practicum.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Each student will be assessed an additional $50 for copy fees (non-refundable) at the beginning of Course 501. A $20 deposit will also be charged if you choose to take home a driver education textbook (refunded when returned). The books will be allowed to be used in class with no deposit required. All fees and tuition are due in full to All Star before the first day of class. The ADTSEA 3.0 Curriculum costs about $190 but that would be an optional purchase. Each student needs to have a device that can access the Internet or at least store documents from the Internet to use during class.